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About Us

About Us

My name is Mario Pereira and I manage and operate the Four Pines Hunting Club on the Four Pines Ranch here in Northern Mendocino County. I have hunted in the Mendocino National Forest for more than 25 years and have over 30 years pursuing big-game, including black-tailed deer, mule deer, black bear, wild hogs, elk, and various upland game birds.

In my quest to pursue our most elusive trophy, the Columbian Black-tail deer, my research and hunting travels have led me to the heart of trophy Columbian black-tailed deer country; Mendocino County. That is where Four Pines is located and is fully encompassed by the Yuki Wilderness Area. The ranch is on located on more than 2,000 landlocked acres and can produce trophy-class black-tailed deer every year.

Originally a working ranch that provided crops, livestock, wild game and a wilderness livelihood, it evolved for a long period into holding for a timber company producing forest products. Back into private ownership, I now lease this beautiful property to continue pursuit of the cagey black-tail.

Until recently, Four Pines was leased out and operated as a trophy hunting club, even being subleased as an “executive trophy” hunt club and has a reputation for producing many hard-earned trophies. I now run this ranch and continue to improve the property by investing in the improvement of habitat, including new and improved water sources that support deer on the property as well as the surrounding public areas. Four Pines Ranch is enrolled in California’s Private Lands Management (PLM) program.

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