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Four Pines Hunting Club allows you access to more than 2,000 acres of prime, trophy black-tailed deer habitat for the exclusive use of its’ members. The season runs concurrent to the surrounding B-Zone time frames (B-1) for pursuit and take of a single buck.

Current members are long-time repeat members who have many years hunting on Four Pines and the surrounding public lands. Several Boone and Crockett deer have come from Four Pines Ranch and the surrounding area. The club rarely has openings for new members.

Club members wishing to upgrade can hunt the extended hunt period (beyond the close of the B-1 zone) to pursue monster rutting black-tailed deer on private property through November 30 every year. Tags are extremely limited for late seasons and are subject to existing or returning member right of first refusal. These are highly-coveted tags!


You must exchange an unused deer tag (any zone) for a Four Pines Ranch tag. The hunt runs concurrent with the B-1 hunting season. You are under the same restrictions as other B-1 hunters, but you have the ability to hunt the ranch devoid of public land hunters. Many great animals have been taken on Four Pines Ranch during the regular season.


Four Pines still has its original, but much-improved log cabin that is approximately 15’x30’ in dimension. The cabin has a cozy wood burning stove with modern amenities such as gas stoves, outdoor barbeque, solar power and gas-powered generators to provide year-round power.

In addition to the cabin, there are many beautiful areas to set-up tents or to bring in a trailer for use during the hunting season. There are also large ponds for additional recreation. The cabin has spring fed water available year round.

Late Season Trophy Rut Hunts

All B-zone hunters know all of California’s general deer hunts end before the beginning of the rut. On Four Pines Ranch, along with the wily resident deer, we receive a large influx of the surrounding deer herd during the rut and many stay for the entire winter season.

It’s not uncommon to spot more than 60-80 animals while glassing Four Pines and to see several mature black-tailed deer, including four-point bucks. Can you handle passing up mature, 17-22+ inch, 100-120” class three-point deer? Can you pass on 18-24+ inch mature forkies? In general, our late-season members who are hard-working, smart and patient, can expect to see and pursue animals of this quality. Every year, B&C class animals are seen on the property.

We have seen some monsters deer!

There is 100% opportunity on all deer hunts.

Additional Hunt Opportunities

There are a limited number of doe tags available for those who wish to engage a new hunter into the world of big game hunting or if you would just like to bring home some venison for your table fare. These tags are also subject to existing or returning member right of first refusal.

As a bonus, all members may pursue black bear during their deer hunts.

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